Date of the epiphany that this blog should exist: Nov 9 2015

“Осъдени души” – Convicted, fated souls – is the title of a novel by the Bulgarian author Dimitar Dimov, one of the most profound and masterful Bulgarian writers whose house in Sofia, curiously, faces mine. The story of the novel develops during the Spanish civil war and the times of typhus, and it is a love story between an Englishwoman and a Jesuit.

This blog bears this name because we are all convicted souls, fated to live in our times and to be surrounded by our world, by our wars, by our cholera or typhus or ebola. As Pessoa says, “Whether we like it or not, we are slaves to the hour in all its forms and colors, we are the subjects of heaven and earth.” I tend to live in a magical world full of love but every fairy tale takes place during turbulent times it can not and should not try to escape. Let’s try to tell both the fairy tale and what lies beneath it, let’s tell about the horrors like a Benigni with his tragic levity.

The wooden birds from the cover symbolize that even birds which fly are fettered to the skies, and like them, we are fettered to the ideologies of our times. This blog will be an exercise to see through the fetters, to dissect the past and the present and to see today with new eyes and fly without a sky.

In the end, who wouldn’t want a flying woman?


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